Leakage Current Testing 102

  • Brief review of the Leakage Current Test
  • General Patient Leakage Current
  • Patient Auxiliary Leakage Current
  • Mains on Applied Part Leakage Testing
  • Medical Device Leakage Testing Considerations
        SYED ABIDI
        Applications Leader

        As the Applications Leader at Associated Research, I have been a respected team member since 2012. My responsibilities include managing the Applications Team as well as providing training, applications support, and consultation services for our valued customers. In my tenure with Associated Research, I have worked with a wide range of customers. I enjoy identifying and understanding our customer’s unique test requirements and the challenge involved in finding the right solutions for their test applications. My field experience and industry knowledge allows me to contribute to new product development and assist the Marketing Team in creating educational materials for our customers. As a member of the IEC60601 technical committee, I appreciate gaining a deeper understanding of Medical Equipment standards. My hobbies include cooking, travel, sports, music and studying nature.

        Bishan Patel
        Applications Engineer

        I received my Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and have been working as an Application Engineer at Associated Research for two years. The most important part of my job is to aide customers with application-specific questions surrounding Electrical Safety Testing. This involves researching customer-specific standards to ensure proper methods of testing. I am involved in the research and development of upcoming Associated Research instrumentation.  In addition to hosting our monthly webinars, I also provide onsite training to customers in need of pre and post-sale instrument set-up. 

        Anthony Arroyo
        Applications Engineer

        As an Applications Engineer with Associated Research, I help customers navigate the Electrical Safety industry. My work here has provided me the opportunity to learn a variety of applications within the Engineering field. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering.  In college, I received an excellent introduction to Electrical Safety Standards and Testing through my work at Underwriters Laboratories as a Lab Technician. In my free time I enjoy playing chess and traveling. My recent adventures include winning the Chicago Chess Center's Rated Open and motorcycling through Italy, France, and Spain for 3 weeks.

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